Laura Beg


Create, manage and optimise the digital presence of Mon Univers Musical.

Manage the online ticket sales for event carry out digital marketing activities including Social Media,PR, Display, and Search. Manage the social interaction and reputation for the event


Mon Univers Musical did not have a Social Media presence and there was limited time to promote it.

Strategy & Execution

Decide the social platforms to be targeted, the objective for every platform in terms of number of fans, number of followers etc. Also create an editorial timeline in terms of the tone and content of posts, updates, communications that need to be updated on a regular basis.

Social Media, Search, Display and PR were the activities carried out as part of the digital marketing campaign.

The objective of continuing the ticket sales till the day of the event and meeting the online ticket sales target was met by a series of communications that led to a peak in the demand of tickets during the last week before the concert.


Services Used

Content Creation, Social Management, Social Media Activation, Email Marketing, SEO, Creative Artwork, Search Ad, Display Ads, Strategic Partnerships, Infuencer Marketing.

Social Media Results

  • 6000+ Page Likes
  • 120,000 video views
  • 70,000 Post Likes in 2 months